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Feline Behavior Consultations with Jasmine Kinnear

Jasmine Kinnear

The following behavior consultation is available by e-mail
and online using
MSN LogoMessenger.

In addition to operating a successful cattery for many years, Jasmine Kinnear is also a Feline Behavior Consultant specializing in domestic cats, multicat households, and difficulties encountered by both inside and outside cats. If you are having a serious behavioral problem, Jasmine has the answer.

If you have read the sample consultations you will know that Jasmine works very closely with each and every person looking for a solution to their individual kitty's problems.

What appears to be a behavior problem may also be due to a period of grief which is also normal for any cat caught in a confusing state of change. That change may come about through an adoption into a new family or after a loss due to the owner's death. Jasmine can offer unique and compassionate solutions to the problem of inheriting a grieving cat.

Jasmine also specializes in the aging cat and the situations encountered as your catís needs change with time.

Whether big or small Jasmine would like to assist you in resolving your cat's behavior problems. Please request a consultation with Jasmine.

Jasmine will correspond with you until you are both satisifed that the topic of concern has been fully addressed.

To request your very own personalized
Feline Behavior Consultation with Jasmine Kinnear
for only $49.95 USD simply click on the link below:

Other acceptable forms of payment are:

1) International Money Order
2) Personal Check (drawn on U.S. or Canadian bank accounts only)

If you are paying with an International Money Order or Personal Check,
please click here to request payment information.

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