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Best Friends:

The Story of Sully and Hitch
Written by Ann West
(October 2005)

I have always heard that cats bring you something to thank you for taking care
of them. So this is my story.

My neighbor has a mother cat and 2 kittens, and loads of farm animals, so I came up from work, and there was a horse in the road. Of course being a animal lover I got out and put the horse back in the coral. Then I came home.

A little while after being at home, I had to go to the car after something and when I looked out, there was a little kitten sitting by my front tire. I went and got the kitten, and noticed my male cat, Sully just sitting there watching, I did not think anything of it at the time.

I then feed the kitten and let my neighbors know that I had their kitten, thinking that it had got under my car and it rode home with me under the hood. So here is where the story really gets good, I have 9 other cats, and they come and go outside as they need. So I let Sully in the next morning to eat.

Sully starts meowing very weird, and the kitten came running through the house to him. Sully then picks up the kitten in his mouth and takes him to the feed bowl and sets him down. After eating Sully picks up the kitten and takes him through the house and deposits him in the middle of my bed and starts grooming him. The kitten and Sully are best friends.

My thinking is Sully went and stole this kitten and brought him home for thanking me and taking care of him and his brother, or maybe he felt something was going to happen to the kitten and he wanted Hitch to have a good home like him and all his other brothers and sisters.

Thank You
Ann West

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