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Breeder Consultations with Jasmine Kinnear

Jasmine Kinnear

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Jasmine Kinnear has been a successful breeder of Persians and Himilayans for many years. If you have read Jasmine's Story you will already know that she has had phenomenal success as a breeder with requests for kittens long before they were even born.

While her cattery was only of average size it was very successful because she ran it well and treated her buyers with consideration and respect. After many trials and errors, Jasmine learned the closely guarded secrets of the 'Cat Fancy' world that most breeders never learn.

Jasmine would like to share those breeder secrets with you!

If you have read the sample consultations you will know that Jasmine works very closely with each and every person looking for a solution to their individual situation.

Do you require the help of a kittening expert and who has encountered both queens and stud males that have absolutely refused to breed. Should you be placed in the situation where you've purchased an expensive stud male that declares he's on strike, Jasmine's advice will be priceless.

Perhaps you need help from a breeder who understands the complex problems that arise with 'wild kittens' which are born into every cattery. There is hope for that special kitten that you can't sell because it refuses human contact.

There are also methods to eventually retire stud males and allow them life outside the breeding cage.

Also, Jasmine knows how to keep peace in the cattery when feline personalities clash, and the fur flies.

Whether you're a novice or seasoned breeder, if you have a problem in your cattery or you need some sound advice concerning your breeding program, please request a consultation with Jasmine.

Jasmine will correspond with you until you are both satisifed that the topic of concern has been fully addressed.

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Breeder Consultation with Jasmine Kinnear
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