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Confessions of a Cat Breeder Presents:

Insider's Guide to Buying Purebred Kittens
Volume 2 in the Felines by Design Series

by Jasmine Kinnear
Successful Cat Breeder, Feline Behavior Consultant,
and Cattery Management & Marketing Mentor
© 2006 - ISBN 0-9739050-1-8

Kitten Book

This volume in the Felines by Design series introduces the principles of "Kittens by Design". By utilizing this information buyers will learn to recognize the emerging personalities of kittens. With these techniques your chosen kitten will not only flourish within your family but further develop to compliment your lifestyle. With time your Feline by Design may truly develop into a treasured feline soul mate.

This volume also functions as a "buyer beware" guide. You will be advised of the questions breeders prefer not to answer. When viewing a cattery you will be exposed to information an uninformed buyer would not understand. Selecting a kitten is both a financial and emotional commitment. Therefore it is best to be an informed consumer.

This guide is also strongly recommended for breeders as they will gain an insight into how they are perceived through the eyes of kitten buyers.

Buying Purebred Kittens

Before purchasing a registered kitten there is much to learn of breeders and catteries. A breeder is truly the heart of her cattery. We will assist you in determining not only a breeder's integrity but also how to evaluate each cattery you visit.

With Confessions of a Cat Breeder you will discover how to:

  • Question the breeder in your initial telephone contact.
  • When visiting the cattery know the essential questions many breeders prefer not to answer when you are viewing their litters.
  • Know how to present yourself in the cattery without the breeder realizing the extent of your knowledge.
  • Be able to identify a correctly priced kitten protected by a sound Ownership Contract.
  • Recognize a responsible breeder operating a good cattery.
  • Know the correct sequence of questions to ask when speaking with different breeders.
  • As a buyer you will also understand how to interpret the breeder's responses prior to completing your purchase.
  • Know your rights in order to protect your kitten investment.

The purchase of a kitten is a personal decision with each buyer seeking fulfilment beyond just a healthy kitten. Home is where the heart is and a kitten fills a spiritual place within one's home.

How does a buyer determine from a varied choice of kittens which one is right for them? How do you identify a lap kitten or just the right companion for your present feline? If you spend long periods away from home which kitten will be content in your environment?

CCB has these answers and many more. We will be there as you interview breeders and study each litter looking for the right kitten. Discover the questions you need to ask and the answers you want to know.

Jasmine is preparing this new publication with detailed information on these points of interest and many more. It is not only the financial investment that you will be protecting but more importantly your emotional commitment as well.

It is far better to be an informed consumer than the victim of kitten fever. Jasmine describes kitten fever as an uncontrollable urge to have a kitten at any price. Good sense flies out the window and the buyer follows their heart regardless of their personal financial circumstances.

Used car dealers know the look of a first time buyer and may take advantage of the situation. A good breeder however proceeds with kindness, caution and does not exploit the buyer's vulnerability.

The publication of our Insider's Guide to Buying Purebred Kittens is greatly anticipated. It will give you the freedom of choice to know which breeder, which cattery and which kitten will be the right combination for you. Would you like to be notified when this must have guide to buying kittens is published?

Don't forget to keep up with the daily cleaning if you plan on having cats or any pets. Many cat breeders might employ a cleaning service to handle day to day maintenance. It is not necessary but always an option for people who work a lot and are not home enough to handle the cleaning.

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