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Confessions of a Cat Breeder Presents:

Insider's Guide to Starting & Managing a Cattery
Volume 4 in the Felines by Design Series

by Jasmine Kinnear
Successful Cat Breeder, Feline Behavior Consultant,
and Cattery Management & Marketing Mentor
© 2006 - ISBN 0-9739050-4-2

By adopting the principles of "Cattery by Design" you will become a breeder who flourishes and manages her cattery from the heart with both felines and buyers in mind. Practical and easy to follow advice about breeding techniques will assist you in the pursuit of perfecting your breed. You will also learn how to obtain the best from your breeding stock while treating them with the love and respect they deserve.

Confessions of a Cat Breeder will reveal what every breeder should know before purchasing their stud male. Affectionately referred to as the cornerstone of the cattery a stud male is very often the most important and costly investment a breeder will make. When purchasing queens you should know how to negotiate their cost versus their future breeding potential in your cattery. Learn how to protect your breeding rights prior to signing complicated contracts that may seriously inhibit your breeding program.

The principles of "Kittens by Design" will also assist breeders by enabling them to recognize the emerging personalities of kittens. You may discover the skill to assist a buyer in finding their treasured feline soul mate.

This volume also functions as a "buyer beware" guide for the novice breeder. When establishing a cattery we provide guidelines to assist you when dealing with seasoned breeders. Unlike purchasing a feline for a pet the search for breeding stock is a more complicated and greater financial investment.

Know the signs of a poorly run cattery should you be prevented by distance from selecting your feline in person. We will guide you through the process when selecting kittens and negotiations for proven breeders.

Buying Felines for Catteries


With Confessions of a Cat Breeder you will spend your money wisely as an informed consumer.

We explore the importance of asking the following questions:

  • How long has the breeder been in business?
  • Are there any cats in the house that are permitted outside access?
  • Is it a closed cattery?
  • If you are purchasing a queen ask the breeder - How did the mother kitten?
  • Is there any history of C-Sections?
  • When purchasing an unproven male ask the breeder - How old was the father when he first sired?
  • Are there any genetic faults in the cattery?
  • Are the felines vet checked and vaccinated on a regular basis in the vet's office?
  • If purchasing an adult breeder enquire when was the feline last provided with dental care.

You will also discover the following:

  • When viewing available felines know the essential questions that protect you from selecting potential problem breeders.
  • Learn how to negotiate an incorrectly priced feline using your knowledge of the breed.
  • You need not spend a fortune to purchase good breeding stock. Learn how to reasonably acquire open felines from champion breeding bloodlines.
  • Know the correct sequence of questions to ask when speaking with different breeders.
  • You will also understand how to interpret other breeder's responses prior to completing your purchase.
  • Know your rights in order to protect your feline investment.

Starting & Managing a Cattery

Cattery Management

Do you wish to start a cattery or desire to make your cattery more successful? Regardless of your level of experience as a breeder you should know how to maintain the genetic health of your cattery. Complex genetic breeding practices including the ones listed below are described in easy to follow terms for all breeders to understand:

- Line Breeding
- Out Cross Breeding
- Twice In-Once Out
- and others

We will also explore how to set up a good breeding program with the careful selection of compatible bloodlines. Our information will assist you in perfecting the standard of your breed.

You will understand the theory behind the term breeding yourself into a corner. Although many breeders encounter this situation we will not only show you the way out but how to improve the standard of your bloodline.

Learn about the importance of maintaining a closed cattery.

With Confessions of a Cat Breeder you’ll also discover common sense business practices that will assist you in the daily operation of your cattery business.

Additionally, you will benefit from the practical experience and proven methods that have already worked for other successful breeders. Don't forget to budget time for cleaning and maintaining your cattery. It may be a good idea to hire a cleaning service if you fall behind in cleaning and maintenance.

A simple start to maintaining a healthy cattery is to use healthy food for your cats.

Jasmine is preparing this new publication with detailed information on these points of interest and many more. It is not only the financial investment that you will be protecting but more importantly your emotional health as well.

CCB's Insider's Guide to Starting & Managing a Cattery will give you the knowledge to effectively start and manage your cattery. Would you like to be notified when this must have guide to cattery management is published?

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