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Confessions of a Cat Breeder Presents:

Insider's Guide to Selecting Domestic Felines
Volume 3 in the Felines by Design Series

by Jasmine Kinnear
Successful Cat Breeder, Feline Behavior Consultant,
and Cattery Management & Marketing Mentor
© 2006 - ISBN 0-9739050-3-4

As Confessions of a Cat Breeder addresses the value and importance of felines we are honoring all cats, not just pedigreed purebreds. Jasmine Kinnear believes domestics deserve the highest place of honor and respect within the Cat Fancy World.

When selecting domestic felines the principles of "Kittens by Design" apply equally. This guide will assist you in recognizing the emerging personalities of developing kittens. By utilizing the information within Volume 3 of this series your chosen kitten will adapt and flourish in your home. You may be fortunate to discover your kitten developing into a Feline of Design and become a beloved feline soul mate.

This volume also functions as a "buyer beware" guide. It advises on how to locate a domestic litter and the appropriate questions to ask. Before making that all important emotional decision to bring a feline into your life this guide may alert you to avoid a litter with costly potential health problems.

Selecting Domestic Felines

Dustin & Jasmine's son Mark

At times domestic litters are plentiful. However with such a varied choice available what are the correct steps to take in locating a healthy litter? Welcoming a domestic feline into your life is a personal decision with each person seeking fulfilment beyond just a healthy kitten.

How do you determine from a varied choice of kittens which one is right for you? How do you identify a lap cat or just the right companion for your present feline? If you spend long periods away from home which kitten will be content in your environment?

By adopting the "Kittens by Design" principles your search will become easier. You will be guided in identifying a compatible feline personality which will readily bond with you and be complimentary to your lifestyle.

If you own a pregnant queen Jasmine will discuss how to assist her during labor. You will also discover how to place your kittens in loving and appropriate homes.

CCB has these answers and many more. Find out the questions you need to ask and the answers to want to know.

Jasmine's love for cats began in childhood. However she did not receive her first feline until she moved into her own apartment. Pictured above is Jasmine's first domestic feline Dustin, age 17, being held by Jasmine's son Mark, age 12. Jasmine refers to this treasured moment caught in time as "My first baby holding my first baby".

Jasmine is preparing this new publication with detailed information on these points of interest and many more. You will be protecting your emotional commitment.

It is far better to be an informed consumer than the victim of kitten fever. Jasmine describes kitten fever as an uncontrollable urge to have a kitten at any price. Good sense flies out the window and the buyer follows their heart regardless of their personal financial circumstances.

Used car dealers know the look of a first time buyer and may take advantage of the situation. A good breeder, however, proceeds with kindness and caution and does not exploit the buyer's vulnerability.

CCB's Insider's Guide to Selecting Domestic Felines will give you the freedom of choice you need. Would you like to be notified when this must have guide to selecting domestic felines is published?

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