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Insurance for a Great Summer: Children's Health and Safety

The most important concern of any parent is ensuring the health and safety of their child. As a result, eliminating hazards and potential causes of illness is an ongoing process. In addition, parents must educate their children on how to stay safe and healthy, both at and away from home. Typical dangers that children face include chemicals found around the home, fire hazards, and drowning risks such as swimming pools. Parents should move household chemicals out of children's reach and restrict access to pools by using gates that are self-locking. Younger children should not be allowed to cook food except when supervised by an adult. Due to the threat of electrocution in modern households, parents should cover all unused plugs to prevent children from putting things into the sockets. Hygiene is also an important subject that parents should teach their children about. Proper washing of hands is essential when it comes to avoiding harmful bacteria and certain potential diseases when eating. Caring for one's teeth is also important in terms of good health. For this reason, it is important that parents teach their children how to care for their teeth in order to prevent tooth decay, gum loss, and other potential health problems in the future.

To ensure that children stay safe when outside of the home, parents should first consider whether their children are responsible and old enough to be away from home on their own. Kids should understand the importance of not talking to or being alone with strangers. They must also be taught what to do if they are approached by someone that they do not know or if someone should attempt to abduct them. Younger children should not be allowed to travel outside of the home alone, as they can make easy targets for criminals. Parents or guardians should accompany younger children and keep a watchful eye on them at all times. Thanks to the Internet, children can access educational games and videos that also provide common safety tips.

JJ's Journey: Autism Links

Open this page for a list of helpful links that are related to autism.

Como Park Senior High School: Health

A list of health-related resources is available on this Web page. Students who visit this site will find information on diseases and disorders, general health, health and society, and sexuality.

Kids Corner: Weather, Environment, Insurance, Online Games, and More

On this page, there are links to educational games, safety tips, and articles for kids. To access the links, kids or their parents should click on the images.

Jackson Township Fire Department: Kids' Corner

Upon opening this page, visitors will find a list of clickable images that lead to fun games, tips, and articles that are educational and for kids.

Public Safety Links

Click this link to view a list of public safety resources, including a website for the Patton Township Police Department, the state fire commissioner, and several firefighter associations.

Fire Links and Safety Resources for Parents from Insurance and Insurance Quote Sites

Open this link for a list of fire links for homeowners and children. The page also includes fire and general safety tips for parents and links to fire-related associations.

Fire Links and an Insurance Online Guide to Child Safety

Review a list of links to various fire safety websites by clicking on this link to the Detroit Firefighters website. The links lead to the websites of museums, Michigan, U.S., and world fire departments and other fire-related organizations.

Youth Links

The Eaton County Substance Abuse Advisory Group provides this page of useful resources for teens who are using or contemplating the use of drugs or other illegal substances.

Parent and Teen Anti-Drug Resources

This page contains links to websites that are meant to help keep teens drug-free. The links are divided into parent and teen categories.

Cedarville Township Fire Links

Residents living in Cedarville Township may click on this link to find a list of emergency and fire-related links.

Lego Township Fire Department: Links

Open this page for a list of links to fire-related sites. This includes links to the Lego Metro Fire District Aid Partners, other Lego fire departments, municipal and fire alarm systems, and safety links.

Resource Links for the Town of Winthrop

People who need help with substance abuse will find treatment-related links featured on this Web page. The page also provides residents with other health- and safety-related links such as suicide prevention resources.

Child and Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Health Resources

Click this link to open up the website for the Town of Winthrop, Massachusetts. The page provides residents with a list of health, mental health, and substance abuse resources.

Fire Safety, Including a Child Safety Guide From an Insurance Quote Website

The Cronomer Valley Fire Department uses this page to link residents to external fire safety websites. Residents who click these featured links will open pages to further information on child fire safety and safety for the whole family.

Insurance Quote Providers and Aquatic Community Program Resources

This link leads to the Drowning is Preventable website, where visitors will find information regarding aquatic professionals and community outreach information and how to reduce risks associated with sun exposure. On the bottom half of the page, visitors to the site can browse and click various links.

Business Resources, Including Providers of Insurance Online

Click this link and scroll down the Pool Pros page of paid advertisers.

Mormon Polygamy: A History

On this page, readers will find a review of a book about the history of Mormon polygamy. The review includes links to other pages on the site.

Hot Tips for Getting Car Insurance and an Insurance Quote

Review these six simple tips when shopping around for the best car insurance and car insurance rates.

Find the Best Term Life Insurance Online by Getting a Term Life Insurance Quote

People who read this page will learn how a life insurance quote can help them in getting insurance.

Turks and Caicos Islands: Will and Kate Honeymoon

Royalty-watchers who are interested in Prince William and his wife would have been interested in whether or not the couple would honeymoon in Turks and Caicos.

Multiple Field Insurance Agents and Insurance Online

Open this page for a lengthy list of United States insurance companies and agents from multiple fields.

Get a Renters' Insurance Quote While Online

This is an article that discusses renters' insurance and how one can get an online quote.

Prepare for Natural Disasters with Resources Offering Insurance Online and More

Prepare for earthquakes and tornadoes by clicking on and opening this link. The Web page informs readers on how to prepare for these natural disasters and also includes related links.

ASL Resources From Insurance Quote Providers

Read about American Sign Language by clicking this link to the Living Life Fully website. The page also has a long list of ASL resources.

New York University: Insurance Programs

NYU alumni can find insurance offered at competitive rates when they click on this link. The page lists the available insurance plans and provides a brief description of each.

Miami Dade: Life Insurance

Opening this page, visitors to the site will find a list of employee life insurance options.

Insurance Providers for Overseas Coverage

On this page, overseas travelers will find information on insurance such as foreign and U.S.-based travel and medical insurance companies and medical evacuation insurance. The page also provides a brief definition of travel medical insurance, travel insurance, and medical evacuation services.

Alabama Department of Insurance Pre-Licensing Information

Persons interested in obtaining a license in insurance should click this link to review the pre-licensing information that is provided on this page. The information that is provided is for the following lines of authority: producer, title, and adjuster.

Choose Health Delaware

This page is the home page of the state of Delaware's official health market. The page provides the necessary information and tools to start the enrollment process. If outside of the enrollment period, this page explains when and how it may still be possible to get insurance.

Student and Dependent Medical Plans

Visit this link to Case Western Reserve University to review the current medical plan announcements that are featured on the page.

Texas Department of Insurance: Renters' Insurance

This page provides information for Texas renters about the different policy types and coverages of renters' insurance. Renters are also given further details about renters' insurance, such as how to shop for an insurance plan, whether or not college students need coverage, and the difference between replacement cost and actual cash value.

Get Covered Illinois

Illinois residents looking for insurance coverage will want to click this link to the Get Covered Illinois website. On this page, state residents may begin the process of finding coverage through the Illinois insurance marketplace.

Group Life Insurance

Clicking this link opens the UNC Human Resources page on group life insurance. On this page employees of the university can review the current insurance plans that are available to them.

Homeowners and Tenants Insurance

Read this page on the New York State Department of Financial Services for information regarding renters insurance. The information thoroughly explains what it is and what it covers. Visitors to this page will also find information regarding condominium insurance.

Employee Benefits: Basic Life Insurance

The Web page that is associated with this link is the human resources page for the County of San Bernardino. The focus of this particular page is basic life insurance; however, visitors may also click on the "Supplemental Term Life Insurance" or "Accidental Death & Dismemberment" tabs for information.

Auto, Home, and Pet Insurance

Individuals who click this link are able to read about purchasing their auto, personal property, and home benefits. This Cornell University benefits page also discusses pet and legal plan insurance.

Rutgers' Health Insurance Requirement

Students at Rutgers University can better understand the health insurance requirements by clicking this link. The page lists minimum coverage requirements and includes a link to further information on how to meet these requirements.

White House: Health Reform

This link opens to the "At a Glance" section of the White House's Health Reform blog page.

Emory University Human Resources: Life Insurance

Employees of Emory University can review the different life insurance policies that are available to them by opening this link. The page includes additional links to information regarding eligibility, cost, enrollment, and claim submission.

Student Health Insurance Plan

Students of UC Merced should click this link to read about the about the requirement regarding health insurance. The automatic enrollment into the UC Student Health Insurance Plan is also reviewed on this page.

Life Insurance Benefits

The University of Utah explains basic and elective coverage on their life insurance Web page. Beneficiary designation information and ways to enrolling are also subjects that they cover here.

Life Insurance and Asset Protection

Click this link to go to North Carolina State University's group life insurance benefits page. Plan options, available coverages, premiums, and eligibility standards are some of the topics for which readers will find answers. Also see the links to additional related documents at the bottom of the page.

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Find out about Indiana's participation in the federal government's health insurance program for children at Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration website. Readers will also find additional links for signing up as well as links to reports and summaries in PDF format.

International Education: Current Students/International Student Services

Visitors to this Web page will find information about California State University, Long Beach's health insurance program. How to purchase health insurance and a frequently asked questions section are points of interest on this page.

University-Paid Life Insurance

Faculty and staff will find useful information about the life insurance provided by Pennsylvania State University by clicking on this link. Life insurance portability is also discussed near the end of the article.

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