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Jewels of Wisdom:

The Soul of a Breeder   

What essential qualities produce a soul who loves every aspect of living with a multitude of felines?

As a breeder, you are the first person to hold each new life as it enters your cattery. You stroke your queen's swollen belly and remember your own pregnancy. You stay up all night speaking loving words to your female, as she labors in kittening, while remembering your own long hours of labor.

You bring a book down to your sick stud male's nook, to simply sit with him, reading and cuddling for hours. You know there is work to be done, but your male needs all your love and attention right now. Somehow, everything will eventually be done.

You give up extended vacations and weekends away because no one else knows the routine to keep everyone content within your cattery. Instinctively you are able to meet every feline's needs, so that each precious cat in your care knows they are treasured.

Breeders are unselfish totally dedicated individuals with loving hearts and open minds.

Simply taking the time to read the information presented here on Confessions of a Cat Breeder separates you from a breeder who only sells kittens.

If the above personality traits match yours, please know that you are now ready to join what we refer to as the caring 'Circle of Breeders'.

A Cattery of Substance   

Having a cattery of substance does not necessarily mean having one that is large and affluent. A cattery of substance does not operate on an unlimited budget, nor treat its cats as merely breeding stock.

Buyers can always recognize a cattery of substance through the open heart of the breeder. This type of cattery is blessed with an unselfish breeder who is totally dedicated to the art of cattery management.

Breeders of substance respect the special needs of every feline within their care, and always take the time with each buyer to ascertain the purrfect feline to blend with the buyer's heart and home.

A breeder of substance is responsible for each life that is born in the cattery, and has busy hands for grooming, cleaning stud male nooks, and welcoming newcomers into their care.

A breeder of substance is a unique individual, who often has problems meeting their own needs, as they are so involved with the many lives in their home. There is always one more job to complete, one more visitor to view a litter, or one more long night of sitting up with your pregnant queen during kittening.

Breeders of substance have generous hearts, open minds, and are always willing to learn.

Thank you for permitting Confessions of a Cat Breeder to find a place in your never-ending day of cattery responsibilities.

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