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Confessions of a Cat Breeder Presents:

Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder
Volume 1 in the Felines by Design Series

by Jasmine Kinnear
Successful Cat Breeder, Feline Behavior Consultant,
and Cattery Management & Marketing Mentor
Published by CCB Publishing
© 2006

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Marketing Book

This popular book has 112 pages of invaluable information that will both inform and educate the reader. It also contains an indepth Glossary of Breeder Jargon. You will find the information quite useful when communicating with established breeders and in the running of your cattery. You may also discover a few jewels of wisdom!

Cat Fancy Magazine has featured Jasmine Kinnear's book,
Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder
in their September 2006 issue:

"As an experienced breeder for 20 years, Kinnear reveals
her secrets for success. Her book dives into the practical
and ethical issues that arise when breeding, raising
and selling pedigree cats."

 Cat Fancy Magazine September 2006

Marketing Secrets

Donít be an uninformed breeder...   

As a breeder, you want to distinguish yourself from the many catteries in your breeding area. Confessions of a Cat Breeder will give you many unique ideas that will have other breeders talking.

Learn the techniques to separate yourself from the breeders who merely sell kittens. You will leave your competition at a loss by your newly acquired breeding and marketing skills.

No matter where you are in the world sound marketing principles cannot be taken for granted when you have the desire to excel as a breeder.

If we could always learn from other peoplesí experiences, then starting a cattery business venture would undoubtedly prove less risky. Unfortunately, many breeders in the Cat Fancy World are reluctant to share their knowledge, guarding their secrets securely against the threat of competitors.

However, Confessions of a Cat Breeder, firmly believes that all breeders, whether just beginning or already established, should be allowed access to the best resources possible. This will prevent the common mistakes made in the formation and running of a home cattery business.

Become an informed breeder and discover how to...

  • Save $THOUSANDS on breeding stock
  • Have a productive breeding program
  • Save money on advertising
  • Guarantee your kittensí health
  • Protect yourself from unscrupulous breeders
  • Generate sales & profit with integrity and ethics
  • and much, much more!

Let our success be your success!

Fortunately, Confessions of a Cat Breeder acknowledges that every breeder is entitled to this expertise in the pursuit of creating a safe and healthy cattery.

We want to help you avoid the common errors that breeders may face. To do this, we will provide you with the privileged information that has only been available to a select few. This is information that, until now, has not been available anywhere else!

Confessions of a Cat Breeder is sure to become a valued resource in your cattery library, to be consulted and relied upon throughout your cat breeding career.

Jasmine Kinnear's guidelines are clear, practical and based on success from years of breeding pedigreed cats. Let us help you through your day to day problems, as well as reach your ultimate breeding goals.

Just ask yourself the following questions:

Why is the life span of the average cattery only 2 years, and why do many breeders typically fail during the first year?

Are catteries expensive to maintain if they are managed professionally? Does it have to be be difficult, heartbreaking work with many breeders only fortunate to break even?

New Breeders -- Donít Despair -- This doesnít have to be you!

Let Confessions of a Cat Breeder show you how your litters can be sold a full year in advance, and how to become the veterinarians' choice and their only recommended cattery.

With Confessions of a Cat Breeder you can run a successful cattery and be the best breeder in your area.

Order your copy today
Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder
Volume 1 in the Felines by Design Series

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Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder

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Proven Marketing Tips for the Successful Cat Breeder

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